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Catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and receive advice on relationships, family, and finances through hour-long radio programs from Talkedback Atl. If you call in asking for public services, we help you find the places you need, because we are here for the people, by the people.

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Talkedback Atl of Stone Mountain, Georgia, is a blog radio station providing the latest news in and around Atlanta. We want to give you a place to give your opinions. You have a right to voice your opinions without following what is politically correct. Our owner loves to talk and hear different viewpoints from all kinds of people, as this is the best form of communication.

Contact us at (888) 764-9427 to freely voice your opinion on a variety of topics.
We Are An Open Forium Talk Show Feel Free To Discuss Whatever It Is That Is On Your Mind.
We Are Availabe Monday - Friday 8PM - 9PM EST


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